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    CMC Dry Ice is a Family Owned & Operated Company

    What we do

    CMC Dry Ice is a Dry Ice Manufacturer producing up to 100,000 pounds of fresh Dry Ice everyday, we are a Certified Veteran Owned Small Business. We pride ourselves in “Just in Time” manufacturing meaning when an order is placed with us we produce that order within 24 hours to keep the Dry Ice as fresh as possible. Our facility distributes Dry Ice all over the country to Pharmaceuticals, Bio Technologies, Hospitals, Catering, Airlines, Meat Plants, Disaster & Environmental Companies, FEMA, Industrial Blasting Companies, Government and local Municipalities, and Retail locations.

    Our facility is located in Concord, NC with a beautiful 8,000 Sq Ft Warehouse and Office space. We are also open to the public to purchase Dry Ice as well.

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    Perishable items

    Dry Ice is used when shipping perishable items all across the country.


    Many food products have to be stored and shipped on Dry Ice to keep it as fresh as possible.


    Dry Ice aids in many emergency situations such as power outages, hurricanes, natural disasters, and much more.


    Dry Ice can be used for different visual effects at all kinds of events these include weddings, parties, gender reveals, and work events the possibilities are endless!


    Many people love the science behind Dry Ice and want to look more into it with experiments.


    Dry Ice is critical in the Biomedical industry they keep stem cells in tack when transporting, and keep many vaccines on Dry Ice.

    “Just in Time” Manufacturing

    Our Dry Ice is produced within 24 hours of delivery/pickup date allowing our clients to have the freshest Dry Ice possible

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    We are a national leader with a uniquely local presence…

    7160 Weddington Rd NW Suite 136 Concord, NC 28027
    Ph: 704-701-1219