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    Family Blazes a Trail with Three Business Ventures

    For the past 22 years, the Coleman family has been a cornerstone of the business community in Cabarrus County, embarking on a journey that has seen them evolve from humble origins to pioneering leaders in their field. What started as CMC Industrial Services of North Carolina has blossomed into a multifaceted enterprise, driven by a passion for innovation, a commitment to quality, and a deep-seated desire to serve their community.

    One of the hallmarks of the Coleman family’s approach to business is their willingness to take risks and embrace new opportunities. From venturing into dry ice manufacturing to purchasing a fleet of rail car tankers for carbon dioxide transportation, they’ve never been afraid to take chances. This spirit of adventure, coupled with a strong work ethic honed during Mike’s time in the military, has propelled them to new heights time and time again.

    Concord dry ice manufacturer planning expansion to keep up with demand from COVID vaccine

    CONCORD, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Thousands of pounds of dry ice continue to be produced at a facility in Concord, which is aiding in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. CMC Dry Ice started manufacturing the product earlier this year and the business already has plans to expand just to keep up with demand.

    FOX 46 was given a behind-the-scenes look at how the company is producing dry ice. A large machine helps turn carbon dioxide into a solid. When the machine first turns on it lets out a cloud of gas.

    Concord Business to Make Dry Ice for Coronavirus Vaccine

    CONCORD, N.C. — Pfizer delivered nearly 7,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine to Novant Health.

    The vaccine must be kept at 94 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.

    It’s something CMC Industrial Services Owner Mike Coleman knows about.

    “You most definitely need to be wearing gloves to protect your hands,” Coleman says.

    Coleman’s company was recently chosen by Pfizer to provide dry ice to hospitals, like Novant Health and Atrium Health, so they can safely store the vaccine. Coleman says his business will be the only one in the state to help.

    Concord business to manufacture dry ice for COVID-19 vaccines

    CONCORD, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – A Concord company will be among the only locally owned businesses in the state to distribute dry ice that is needed for the new COVID-19 vaccine. CMC Dry Ice plans to open a new manufacturing facility in Concord by January to keep up with demand.

    “We are going to be able to help these guys get their medicine that they need,” said Mike Coleman, President of CMC Dry Ice.

    Coleman said he has already gotten approval from Pfizer and Moderna to provide and produce dry ice.